Impacting the Community

Making a difference starts within the community. We are striving to impact our community in a major way. The community is important to us, not only because it is comprised of our listeners, but it also impacts our everyday lives. As a result, we strive to be the best we can, hoping to influence the youth, and our listeners in a positive way. Our goal is to impact our local community before expanding nationally and globally.

Out of Darkness:

Walk to Fight Suicide

The core of the Out of the Darkness Walks, the Community Walks created a movement. Held in hundreds of cities across the country, they give people the courage to open up about their own struggle or loss, and the platform to change our culture’s approach to mental health.

Charitable Giving through

Various Drives

We are steadily looking for opportunities to improve our community. Some initiatives that we support are charitable giving through food, toys, coats or school supply drives. We embrace the opportunity to set-up these drives and help fuel the excitement of those who are less fortunate.

Supporting the Fight to End Homelessness

As advocates for decreasing the rate of homelessness, we strive to help in every way. This is a United States epidemic that is increasing everyday. We must set the platform to help provide homes and services for those who are struggling in our communities.

Serving our Community

We are committed to serving our community. Engaging in community service gives us the opportunity to become active members in our local community and have a lasting, positive impact on those who need it most. It also gives us an opportunity to increase awareness on social issues. 

To support any of our events or community outreach, check our Events Page or Contact Us for more information.

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