Episode 9
We've Been Hoaxed feat. Middy

The Life of Pablo Album Review vs Reasonable Doubt, Russel Wilson playing with Baby Future

Episode 6

Bruce Bowen Academy feat Africanist

Favorite active artist, Aalligator attack at the Disney Resort, Shooting incident in Orlando

Episode 3
Man Law

Clauses that fall under the #ManLawCode & What would happen if Trump or Hillary won?

Episode 8
Something Has to Change

Police Brutality, Drake vs. Joe Budden and NBA Trade talks

Episode 5
Current Events

Examining the shooting incident with Troy Ave, The death of Harambe and the 2016 NBA Finals

Episode 2
Aint No Lemonade Bihhhh

Debating Drake's Views, Future's newest projects , Presidential Election and Beyonce's Lemonade

Episode 7
Chin Was Right

Is Gucci Mane a clone??? , Gun Control Laws and Jesse Williams BET Awards speech

Episode 4
Selling Dreams feat. Koffee B

Discussing who sells dreams more? Men or women? Also, Best Hip Hop Album of 2015

Episode 1
From Foolery to Food for Thought

First Episode!!!! Discussing music, old college memories, race and religion

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