Episode 79

Drug Party with Bardi


Cardi B drugging and robbing men. Can these men speak out about this without being judged?


Episode 76

Happy MLK Day

African American trivia game in honor of MLK. How much do we/you know?

Episode 73

Adulting 101

What is the criteria for being an adult? Is there an age or by experiences?

Episode 78

Welcome Back

Jussie Smollett: Who took more damage, African Americans or the LGBT Community?

Episode 75

Leave it in 2018

There were many trends in 2018. Some of those need to stay in 2018.

Episode 72

Best DMV Urban Wear

Discussing some of our favorite urban wear brands in the DMV area. What was your favorite?

Episode 77

Valentine's Day Special

Are you the side piece? Are you sure? Let’s talk about it! You just might be, find out how.

Episode 74

2018 Recap

2018 recap of  everything from music, sports, politics, current events and more.

Episode 71

There's a Twist

Marry, Smash, Kill with your favorite TV sitcoms but there is a twist.

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