Episode 70

SneakerHead Talk

Discussing sneakerhead culture and all of our favorite shoes from Nike, Adidas to Reebok

Episode 67

The Best Department Stores

Ranking the best department stores on a 1-10 scale. What's your ratings ?

Episode 64

The Top Hollywood Stars

Ranking African American Actors/Actresses on a 1-10 scale. Who is the best? 

Episode 69

Best Fried Chicken in the DMV

Taste testing chicken (while blindfolded) from various fast food spots across the DMV

Episode 66

Male Vulnerabilities


One of the biggest issues in the African American Male Community: Male Vulnerabilities

Episode 63

The Perfect Woman

What qualities should the “Perfect Woman”  have? Does a "Perfect Woman" exist?

Episode 68

Who's Invited to the Cookout?

Discussing controversial celebrities and deciding whether or not they’re invited to the Cookout.

Episode 65

Top Scary Movies

Favorite scary movies/characters. Who wins: Freddy, Jason, Michael Meyers, etc.?

Episode 62

N*ggas in America

Drake vs Pusha T diss tracks. Talking about the oppression of African Americans in America

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