Episode 61

Car Stereotypes

Funny Stereotypes associated with various automobiles and the people that drive them.

Episode 58

Tax Season ft. Jamal J

Discussing the in’s and out’s of filing your taxes with our special accountant guest.

Episode 55

Black Churches ft. Pastor John Savoy

Discussing various controversial topics about black churches and Christianity.

Episode 60

Politics as Usual ft. Lynn Jackson


Maryland Delegate Candidate discussing his campaign  to represent Maryland’s 27a District.

Episode 57

Define Maturity

Discussing different levels of maturity. What defines maturity? Having your own?

Episode 54

Black Love ft. Stace the Speaker

Black love and the keys to a long lasting relationship and marriage. 

Episode 59

4/20 Talk

Various topics regarding the use and legalization of cannabis in Washington, DC and the U.S.

Episode 56

Women Rights

Equality and women’s rights. There is a gap between women equality across all cultures.

Episode 53

HBCUs vs PWIs ft. Keba

The pro’s and con’s between HBCU’s and PWI’s. Is the education received differently?

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