Episode 52

Nu Africa

Breaking down the lyrics to Cyhi the Prince’s Song “Nu Africa”

Episode 49
Best Hip Hop Battles

Discussing the top 5 favorite Hip Hop Battles/Beefs.

Episode 46
Real vs Fake

Is black consciousness (“being woke”) a fad?  Various types of protesting and its effectiveness.

Episode 51

#HalttoAssault feat. Dj Chan Don

Discussing the current sexual allegations against various celebrities.

Episode 48
Drug Use and Abuse 
feat. Chelsea

The drug addiction and abuse in the African American Community is an issue.

Episode 45
Labor Day

New music, Flooding in Houston, Pastor Joel Osteen, & Floyd Mayweather.

Episode 50
Last Episode of 2017

Recapping the Podcast’s year (events, accomplishments, etc.)

Episode 47
Is College a Scam ?

Discussing our opinions and experiences about college.  Is it a scam or is it beneficial?

Episode 44

The Bigger Picture

Current events:  Charlottesville Rally,  Music, and Sports

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