Episode 43



Sexual allegations against Usher, Trump & North Korea, and Sports.

Episode 40
This one for SoundCloud

Rumors about SoundCloud, Florida police officers illegal traffic stops, Mayweather vs McGregor.

Episode 37
Ball Control

New music, Black teens arrested for selling bottled water DC, Big 3 basketball league

Episode 42
Trouble in Cleveland

Discussing Lebron/Kyrie drama, Jim Vance sendoff (RIP), and Current Events.

Episode 39
From England to the U.S. 
feat. DeJay

Discussing life in England vs life in America, DeJay Anti-Establishment movement in England.

Episode 36
Back in Thee Game

Bill Maher using the N word, Controversial pic of Kathy Griffin, Philando Castile, 2017 NBA Finals

Episode 41
The Juice is Loose

The release of OJ Simpson from jail, Sex cult allegations against R. Kelly, TV series “Power”.

Episode 38
Wrap it up then

Joe Budden/Migos interview, Jay-Z’s latest album,  and The controversial NRA TV ad.

Episode 35

5 Stars

Bill Cosby found innocent, ISIS attack on Egypt, Tiger Woods DUI, Racial attacks on Lebron James

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