Episode 7

Real vs Fake Luxury Cars

We discuss the different our opinions on different Luxury car makes.

Episode 4
Real vs Fake Food

Discussing and ranking the best nations food chains on a 1-10 scale

Episode 6

Real vs Fake Music

Different artist that make real or fake music. Making music is an art. why lie in lyrics?

Episode 3
Transgender vs Natural Born Women

We sit down with Queen and Tia to discuss our opinions and views on transgender women.

Episode 5

Real vs Fake News

Various media outlets that promote real/fake news. Who is really lying? What can we trust?

Episode 2
Real Friends vs Fake Friends

Opinions on real friends and fake friends. What makes you a fake friend? Are there guidelines?

Episode 1

Natural Beauty vs Artificial Beauty

Discussing with Haja our opinions on natural beauty and women who prefer enhancements

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